Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
-Mary Oliver

12 July, 2011

Also, the hotel had a pool.

The EKC 6th Annual Summer Mehaber was this past weekend, so a pretty solid chunk of my immediate family was in town. An excellent opportunity, because my sister's kids are my most interesting photo subjects. With the possible exception of this man, who I creepered pictures of, just because of his outfit...

He may be committing several fashion crimes, but Dude is prepared, dammit.

It was a lovely celebration of Ethiopian culture, with dancing and really good food. Except instead of really good food, I had a corn dog.

OK, the corn dog was pretty good too. That afternoon, while the children slept, my parents and I went to Bad Teacher, which was incredibly stupid and hilarious. At one point, Justin Timberlake's character was very earnestly talking about eating in an Ethiopian restaurant and said "They finally got their own cuisine! It's progress!"

The Mehaber was followed up the next day by a trip to Como Town, which the children seemed to find infinitely more enjoyable.

This boy is a total dreamboat.

I enjoyed it there, too.

You might think this post has a lot of pictures. Bear in mind that, of the day and a half that these 15 photos document, there are another 507 that I didn't post.

06 July, 2011


If I ever think of anything good and meaningful to write about this past weekend I will, but for now, here's a shit-ton of pictures. I think they can do most of the talking.