Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
-Mary Oliver

26 December, 2010

It's sentimental, I know...

I find that frequently, and especially around holidays, words fail me.

But there's this song, by an Aussie musician and comedian named Tim Minchin, that so very perfectly sums up everything I feel about this time of year.

So here's what Tim Minchin has to say about Christmas:

I really like Christmas
It's sentimental, I know, but I just really like it
I am hardly religious
I'd rather break bread with Dawkins than Desmond Tutu, to be honest

And yes, I have all of the usual objections
To consumerism, he commercialization of an ancient religion
To the westernization of a dead Palestinian
Press-ganged into selling Playstations and beer
But I still really like it

I'm looking forward to Christmas
Though I'm not expecting a visit from Jesus

I'll be seeing my dad
My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
They'll be drinking white wine in the sun
I'll be seeing my dad
My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
They'll be drinking white wine in the sun

I don't go in for ancient wisdom
I don't believe just 'cos ideas are tenacious it means they are worthy
I get freaked out by churches
Some of the hymns that they sing have nice chords but the lyrics are spooky

And yes I have all of the usual objections
To the miseducation of children who, in tax-exempt institutions,
Are taught to externalize blame
And to feel ashamed and to judge things as plain right and wrong
But I quite like the songs

I'm not expecting big presents
The old combination of socks, jocks and chocolate is just fine by me

Cos I'll be seeing my dad
My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
They'll be drinking white wine in the sun
I'll be seeing my dad
My brother and sisters, my gran and my mum
They'll be drinking white wine in the sun

And you, my baby girl
My jetlagged infant daughter
You'll be handed round the room
Like a puppy at a primary school
And you won't understand
But you will learn someday
That wherever you are and whatever you face
These are the people who'll make you feel safe in this world
My sweet blue-eyed girl

And if, my baby girl
When you're twenty-one or thirty-one
And Christmas comes around
And you find yourself nine thousand miles from home
You'll know what ever comes
Your brother and sisters and me and your Mum
Will be waiting for you in the sun
Whenever you come
Your brothers and sisters, your aunts and your uncles
Your grandparents, cousins and me and your mum
We'll be waiting for you in the sun
Drinking white wine in the sun
Darling, when Christmas comes
We'll be waiting for you in the sun
Drinking white wine in the sun
Waiting for you in the sun
Waiting for you...

I really like Christmas
It's sentimental, I know...

13 December, 2010

O Christmas Lamp O Christmas Lamp

Christmas shopping. You have evaded me this year. Usually I am inspired and done with the shopping well before Thanksgiving, but due to the unemploymentness of this year, well, I've just started. And no freaking wonder I've always done it early. This is incredibly stressful! Also, this year is different in that I have absolutely no idea what to get anyone. Usually I'm pretty good at gift giving. Oh, sigh.

Still, the Christmas spirit is seeping into my life, slowly, but surely. I decorated on Saturday, during snowmageddon, while watching the SyFy original Yeti.

My decor is perhaps a little unconventional this year. Last year, I skipped it all together, but this year Trader Joe's was selling tiny living trees so I went for it.

Because my tree is all of seven inches tall, I found...other places...for ornaments.

What is also giving me holiday cheer is the fact that I've chosen my gift wrap for the year, and Sunday I wrapped the two presents that I've actually gotten, and let me tell you, they look gorgeous. But, in the words of Levar Burton, you don't have to take my word for it.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is choosing wrapping paper. The pleasure that nicely wrapped gifts give me is possibly greater than the pleasure that the gifts themselves give. So, even if I give shit gifts this year, they will be presented beautifully. Look on the bright side, right?

12 December, 2010


Fucking hell, I hate dealing with snow, "dealing with" being the operative phrase. I like snow when it when it is not on my car and sidewalk. I enjoy building snowmen and having snowball fights and wearing my jammies while gazing out at a winter wonderland. But when I have to do something about it? Screw that. Today I am faced with the daunting task of digging out my car without a shovel after a snow fall of 17 inches. I am procrastinating and reading the paper. I just saw a headline in the Star Tribune that said "Report: 2 people die in Minneapolis fire" and my immediate reaction was envy. "I wish I could die in a fire," I muttered crankily, as I turned and glared at the mixing bowl I am going to have to use for my snow removal. Yes, I am a occasionally a little melodramatic. What's it to you?

Today, I am feeding the bad wolf.

05 December, 2010


In an unlikely turn of events, I spent last Sunday afternoon at the Vikings vs. Bills game. It was to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday, and because I like spending time with my family, when they invited me, I accepted. I impressed myself with my team spirit because I coincidentally brought a purple purse. I am not really a football fan, or a fan of any kind of sport, but it is difficult not to get caught up in the excitement at a professional sporting event. Especially because on the Vikings team is the only football player I've heard of.

Until recently anyway. Ask me now and I can rattle off four or five...But anyway, poor old Number 4 was out of the game by the third play.

As the team prepared to emerge from their battle-ready inflatable ship, I was struck by the historical inaccuracies. I wouldn't sail that puppy across a koi pond, let alone the North Atlantic. Also, the horned helmets? Really guys?

Mascot or crazy, time-traveling homeless guy?

Henderson really popped the booty for this shot, didn't he?

Post-game man hugs!

I may gently mock, but I did have a really good time. I learned a few rules of the game, sang a fight song, and if nothing else, a football game is a terrific place for people watching. And if I'm really being honest, it was nice, in the sea of purple, to feel like I fit in.

02 December, 2010


A picture's worth a thousand words and all that.