Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
-Mary Oliver

18 May, 2010

I'm with Coco.

It goes like this...

Once, there was a junior high girl who used to sneak out of her bed at around 11:35 (Central Time) at night. She would creep "quietly" down the stairs to the sunroom, where she would turn on the TV for an hour or so to enjoy this fine program.

After many years of extremely late nights and extremely early mornings, she was thrilled to learn that this guy

would replace this guy

resulting in this wonderful new show.

Sadly, the glory was short-lived and evil Overlord NBC snatched away The Tonight Show and returned it to its former wicked master.

Despair covered the land, and all hope seemed lost. Until...

There was singing.

And an inflatable bat.

There was pleather.

And a discussion about the invention of the Jucy Lucy.

There was Brian Setzer.

And visits from old friends.

And it was all topped off with The Walker Texas Ranger Lever.

So, aside from challenging parking and then going to the wrong theatre (luckily, the State, Orpheum, and Pantages are all within a block of each other), it was a great evening with much laughter.

And all in all, it was sort of worth it.


Robin said...

Gotta love pleather. Looks like he was feelin' fine. Great photos and probably no horrible consequences from sneaking downstairs at 11:35 every night. Wait - maybe that's why your sleep habits are still messed up!

Kate said...

Looks like it was fun... Nathan is WAY jealous. I've ben missing you, Elz. You should come visit...