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-Mary Oliver

13 December, 2010

O Christmas Lamp O Christmas Lamp

Christmas shopping. You have evaded me this year. Usually I am inspired and done with the shopping well before Thanksgiving, but due to the unemploymentness of this year, well, I've just started. And no freaking wonder I've always done it early. This is incredibly stressful! Also, this year is different in that I have absolutely no idea what to get anyone. Usually I'm pretty good at gift giving. Oh, sigh.

Still, the Christmas spirit is seeping into my life, slowly, but surely. I decorated on Saturday, during snowmageddon, while watching the SyFy original Yeti.

My decor is perhaps a little unconventional this year. Last year, I skipped it all together, but this year Trader Joe's was selling tiny living trees so I went for it.

Because my tree is all of seven inches tall, I found...other places...for ornaments.

What is also giving me holiday cheer is the fact that I've chosen my gift wrap for the year, and Sunday I wrapped the two presents that I've actually gotten, and let me tell you, they look gorgeous. But, in the words of Levar Burton, you don't have to take my word for it.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is choosing wrapping paper. The pleasure that nicely wrapped gifts give me is possibly greater than the pleasure that the gifts themselves give. So, even if I give shit gifts this year, they will be presented beautifully. Look on the bright side, right?

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Alison said...

Nice paper. We too had trouble doing shopping this year - I think we're torn between thinking we consume altogether too much and wanting to give presents to each other and then we want to buy "green" and then no child-labor of course and local if possible and ad inf.