Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
-Mary Oliver

25 April, 2011


As an atheist, celebrating holidays like Easter is always interesting. Jesus was a great dude, but I reject the idea that he rose from the grave. On the other hand, I do gratefully accept the time off I get in appreciation of this feat, however imaginary I believe it to be. Thus, I present to you, Easter at the Olson Ranch.

We decorated cookies liberally with sprinkles. I like to call it "process art".

The end result was met with approval.

Egg dyeing was met with skepticism.

But again, the end result was met with approval.

The next day, we searched the yard for our beautifully dyed eggs that some bastard rabbit hid.

We found them all, and were richly rewarded.

After a fine meal,

Cricket was also rewarded. For not biting anyone hard enough to draw blood.

And please don't try to take her ham bone. She'll get you.

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