Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
-Mary Oliver

27 November, 2011

Much Obliged

I headed out west on Thursday morning, dessert in hand, for Thanksgiving. Due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, the family traditions were slightly uprooted this year and we ended up in Benson, at my brother and sister-in-law's house. It was, despite the change in venue, like Thanksgiving always is in my family. Great food, lively conversation, lots of laughter.





And this year, with the addition of three new children celebrating their first Thanksgivings, perhaps just a little bit louder. But in a good way.

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After the party, as I was continuing on to my parents' house, I was struck by the scenery. There is a certain barrenness to the landscape of Western Minnesota in November, before the empty fields have been covered in their white blankets of snow. The land seems to go on forever and combined with the infiniteness of the sky, it gives one the feeling of being very, very insignificant. Broken silhouettes of abandoned farm houses, collapsing barns and tiny country cemeteries sit in sharp contrast to the brilliant sunsets while their contents sit undisturbed, gathering an abundant coating of dust and grime.






As I drove past several of these empty homes that were at some point undoubtedly filled with the same life and love I experienced that day, I wondered who lived there. And I wondered what they did for their last Thanksgiving.





Mom said...

You always capture the best moments, Elz. Thank you for preserving them so well. XO

Rory said...

Thank you..this was good....

Myr said...

Late fall is my favorite season on the prairie. Who knew that a thousand shades of brown could be so sublimely beautiful. Lovely photos, darling girl. Thanks.

Diane W said...

Oh the number of times I made that journey from Benson to Clinton or Ortonville in my youth, when there was still activity on some of those now vacated buildings. But, I am sure if one was to stop and look and listen awhile, the sights and sounds of those more lively times would reappear in the mind and remind us that these are special places to be valued before they disappear completely. How talented you are to capture the spirit of this area and the beauty that it holds. Thanks, Elzabeth - your heart is evident in all you do.