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-Mary Oliver

05 September, 2010

Weekend Part One: Courtesy of Luke and Talia

Due to an unfortunate combination of illnesses, my brother and sister-in-law had to give up their State Fair tickets. They kindly gave them up to me.

It was a lovely, cool evening, right around 5:30, when I picked up Em and we headed down good ol' 35W towards Roseville to find a place to Park and Ride. Em saw one and the resulting excitement nearly caused an emergency situation. Luckily, we merged off of the freeway unscathed, and into the parking lot of Broadway East & West. They offered free parking and a nice coach bus to the Fair.

As Em said "A footrest? Carpeted ceilings? What more could you want?"

Emily looked up at this and said "Hey! We're on TV!" Then she immediately apologised for making a terrible joke.

The Fair was like this. Everywhere.

We went in with some specific food-related goals. Our first stop was for fries. We opted for the regular size, as opposed to the "Barrel." They were amazing.

On our way to find cheese curds, we walked through the horse barn and met this fella. He's called Pinky.

On our way out of the horse barn, what should we find but these:

With our need for curds fulfilled, we continued towards the Midway, but didn't venture any closer than this.

We then, very inefficiently, went to the Dairy Building for a chocolate malt, walked through the International Bazaar, and then went back to the Midway to find the cream puff stand, after a quick call to Ortonville to ask for directions.

The sun set, and it was back to the parking lot to wait for bus.

Em suggested that we get a TARDIS so we could teleport back to my car, and I suggested that if we did indeed have one, we could actually just teleport it to my apartment, as opposed to teleporting to my car and then driving home.

The bus did come, so despite our lack of time-traveling spaceship, we made it back to Frodo, who was waiting faithfully right where we left him.

Coming soon- Weekend Part Two: Renaissance Festival

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Anonymous said...

And to think I missed it all...the cheese curds looked fantastic. Mmmm...curds. We had a successful party Saturday evening - ended up eating ribs, creamy hashbrowns, roasted carrots and beets with balsamic vinegar/thyme glaze, and homemade angel food. I think everyone approved. Tonight we had a big storm again, which blew the screen right off our bedroom window onto the floor. Anyway, cool shots of the fair, etc. I'm anxious to see more...Mum