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-Mary Oliver

07 September, 2010

Weekend Part Two: Renaissance Festival

Ah, the Renaissance Festival. I freakin' love it. I am generally pretty selective about the things I will TOTALLY nerd out for, but the Renaissance Festival is way up on the list. Other things include "Doctor Who", The Dark Tower, and any show associated with Joss Whedon.

It is a funny thing, the Renaissance Festival. I mean, it makes the 15th century seem like such a lovely, carefree time. But then, I suppose that would be the bit where it's a "festival" comes into play. Also, every year, every damn year, I get lost on the way. I always end up taking a wrong turn somewhere. Sometimes I take the 101 and end up at Valley Fair. Sometimes I take the exit for Canterbury Road and end up by the race track. But I always go somewhere wrong first. I should just get "Stay on 169" tattooed on my arm or something. Luckily, we had a good early start, discount tickets from Super America, and a full tank of gas.

grapey goodness

We rolled in around half an hour after the gates opened, 9:30 or so, and did a lap before catching The Danger Committee's (juggling/knife-throwing) first show of the day. One of the performers puts on this accent that sounds exactly like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. I don't even know where that accent is supposed to be from, but it's still pretty funny. And in breaking news, as I just now Googled this guy to make sure his accent was fake, I found out that The Danger Committee was recently well received on "America's Got Talent". Good for them.

Then we went to the longbow competition. It had potential, but was poorly executed. They had to have a lot of long, awkward breaks so they could count the arrows that had hit the targets and open the gate to let people in and out. But it did sort of make me want to take up archery anyway... My main complaint is that I was standing next to a lady that seemed to have some sort of plague.

Also, it was held very near the place merchants/performers park ye olde caravans...

Purple leggings!

Giant turkey legs always look better than they taste. It's the same every year; a little dry, a little tough, and all the very visible connective tissues freak me out...And I wonder what they do with the rest of the turkey.

I get excited about the hobbit hole every year. It's not even that impressive, but for the 14 seconds that it takes to walk through the little house, I can pretend that I live in the Shire. By the way, feel free to add The Lord of the Rings to the list of things that I can nerd out over.

We walked around a bit more, on an epic search for kettle corn, and by the time we found it, the place was getting a little crowded and some of us (all of us) were getting a little tired of crowds.
On our way out, around 1:30 or so, we had to pause by some tailgaters, who then accused us of being "wimps" for going home so early. But I wasn't really bothered. It was definitely nap time.


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